Snowman Contest 2012-13

Welcome to Deben Rotaract’s Snowman Contest, Winter 2012-13!

To enter, you must create a snowman themed around the letter ‘O’ (last year was ‘R’ and this year ‘O’ for ‘Rotaract’… see where this is going?) for example: an octopus snowman, a snowman with an orange hat, or an oval snowman. The more creative the better, just make sure it relates to the letter ‘O’ in an obvious way!

Read through the rules below. You then need to email your photos to us (see our contact page) with the name of your snowman, a short description of how the snowman fits the theme if you think necessary, and your contact details. You should also send £2 to our Just Giving account ( making sure to include your snowman’s name in the comment so we can match the donation with your photos.

The Deben Rotaract committee will judge the entries.

All funds raised by the competition this year will be donated directly to the East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices via our Just Giving page.

The closing date is 2nd April 2013.

First prize: £5 book token and a selection of winter goodies (hot chocolate etc.)
Runners up prizes: A selection of winter goodies

Happy building everyone!


1. Entries must have a recognisable link to the letter ‘O’, and this link must be present at the time the photograph was taken (e.g. you may not Photoshop in a letter ‘O’ at a later date!)

2. Your snowman must consist primarily of snow or ice, and can be of any size. Paper snowmen will not be accepted this year.

3. Your snowman must have been made by yourself, for this competition, over the winter period 2012-2013. Team entries are permitted but not encouraged as the prizes are only suitable for an individual, and you must state clearly in your e-mail if the snowman is a team effort.

4. While entries will be judged on the snowman itself, and not on the artistry of the photo taken, please do make sure your photos are clear. If the photo is of poor enough quality that it makes the snowman hard to see, this may negatively affect your chances of winning.

5. Each participant can submit as many snowmen as they like, but they will need to submit a £2 fee for each.

6. You can send up to three photos of each snowman to capture all the angles and details. Whether you send one, two or three photos of a single snowman, it will still only count as one entry, and so only £2 need be submitted.

7. If you do not use matching snowman names on your £2 donation and photo e-mail, we will not be able to match them up and confirm that you have paid. If this occurs, your entry will be disqualified. No refunds can be given if this occurs.

8. The competition is open to everyone within the UK. You must be able to receive your prize as a package by post, or be able to collect it in person from Ipswich in Suffolk.

9. By submitting your photos, you confirm that you are the copyright holder for the images, and you grant us permission to post your entry photos on our website for an indefinite length of time. (Be aware that all entry photos may be posted on our public website, whether they win or not, and you must therefore have permission from anyone whose face is shown in the photo).

11. You should provide your full name, club name (or county of residence if you are not a member of Rotaract or Rotary), and e-mail address as contact details when submitting your photo. We will contact you by e-mail if you win, and you will then be required to provide your postal address so that you can receive the prize. Your first name and club/county will be mentioned alongside your photos on our website. Your e-mail address and postal address will not be made public.

12. If we are unable to contact the winner after reasonable attempts have been made (e-mail responses would be expected within a week, unless we have been notified of an absence in advance), we may offer the prize to a runner up.

13. Three prizes will be awarded: one winner and two runners up.

14. Entries will be judged by the Deben Rotaract Committee according to their own personal judgement, with attention to the creativity, skill and humour of the piece. They will endeavour to be as fair as possible. Their decision is final.

15. Members of the Deben Rotaract Committee may not enter their snowmen into the competition, but are encouraged to play in the snow anyway.


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